Friday, March 12, 2010

Surprise visitor to my house!

I have always felt that nothing interesting had taken place in my life. But when I actually looked back I did realize that lots and lots of interesting incidents have ofcourse taken place, in a span of few years and here I am reminded of one such incident ..

Yes…..It is about the surprise of my life .

We were living in Karur at that time(2006). Our house was on first floor .It was a beautiful and big house. Aadithya was about 14 months and was just beginning to get more mobile in the house.. I was in the master bedroom playing with him. I asked him to bring his book that was in the hall and this little fellow went until the bedroom door and came back umpteen times. Obviously he was tired of playing and slept. I just opened the bathroom door which was just outside the master bedroom after he was asleep and there was the surprise of my life. Wonder if anyone could place a surprise inside bathroom? Yes…the uninvited visitor inside surprised me and sent shivers down my spine.

The surprise visitor was a venomous snake in the corner just opposite the bathroom door. Luckily there was nothing in the room except a mug and toilet cleaning brush and the floor was white in colour. The bathroom window had a clean stuck mosquito net and there was a opening for exhaust fan which had a mesh outside. Every one in that colony were amazed as no one had a clue how the snake would have come inside the first floor bathroom. I kept the door open and went to call a neighbor thinking if the snake comes behind the door it might hurt the person opening it. I had confidence that it might not move easily in a tiled floor. Later my neighbor closed the doors . The person who came to hit it could not find when he opened the door. It curled itself into a very small ring and hid under the toilet brush. The white tile turned into red in next few minutes. If it had come to the other bathroom which was parallel to this one and was attached to the bedroom the situation would have been different and anything could have happened to either one of us.

Later on people in the colony when meeting either me or srinath started commenting little sarcastically that “did u have a visitor?”..etc.etc. To their surprise who ever made such comment had the same visitor waiting for them outside their door steps! Guess what happened next… no one spoke about that incident !

I have immense belief in baba and few days earlier to this incident I stuck a baba’s photograph on the bedroom door as my inner sense advised. I am a person who does not like His photo to be stuck every where inside the house except pooja room. The answer for sticking the photo came to me. He protected all of us from a very poisonous snake!

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