Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gonna miss good old friends!

Missing good friends will always create vacuum in one's heart. This vacuum has already started developing in my heart as well. My first and good friends in South Africa Vish and Varadh are leaving for India in 10 days. We met them first in 2008, January at Chianti, sunninghill where they were our neighbors. They are a very rare kind of ppl i.e. Totally good at heart, the most humble, the most friendliest etc.etc... . It’s so hard to find someone who is so emotional towards every other person in the family like Pavithra Varadh. All the three are so modern yet religious and their attachment towards their family is marvelous. I wish them all the very best and hope to continue their friendship wherever they are in this world....

Miss you all!

Thank you very much for the beautiful Sunflowers and wonderful vase! The vase will always remind us of u folks! Flowers may fade but not our friendship!

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Vish said...

We will also miss you very much. You take care and keep writing. Will be in touch and meet up while in India.