Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Srinath's innocent handiwork!

What happened to my comment segment?...After analysing so much I understood the popout window setup for comment has been disabled. This happened after the "called it a day" post. This was posted by Srinath when the telephone cable was stolen and the desperation I had to upload my post as early as possible. I handed over this job to my darling husband and he successfully uploaded it.From that moment onwards the comment prompt didnot work.I recieved my comment in the form of message or email from none other than the only person who truly follows my blog "Hari". I had to change my nice template to check if anything was wrong in the code of the template that I was using. Just after changing the template I noticed the problem still remained. Then with so much dullness in my face I started analysing everyother option and found the solution. But Srinath says he only posted the content and didnot change the setup. It still remains a mystery to me that how the comment prompt setting had changed. I just found that the particular post remains unchanged when I change the font! So wondering what innocent handiwork did Srinath do!