Friday, January 29, 2010

Every problem has a solution!

I am blessed(really!(lol))to have been born with three brothers, all with different characteristics! First one is timid,second one very bold and social and last but not the least is a cleanliness fanatic.
The third one is little closer and am reminded of the days he used to drop me in college. My college was very close to his office and would drop en route. But the hardest thing is making him get ready to office. He would take long time to make sure his shirt is free from slightest wrinkle. Next comes his office bag,would dust it everyday and would make sure there is not even a spot of dust. Polishing his shoes would be another patience tester for the rest of the family watching him. Next is his bike, the cleaning of it and the speed with which he used to do that made me shed tears. He would even clean the rim everyday! Everybody tried in vain to make him skip one of the routines so that he would start early. My complaints or criticisms resulted only in him saying that there is no need why he should be dropping me and that I could go by bus.

So next thing I thought of was, the solution to the problem!

I started doing the first round of cleaning, as however neat or perfect he would do his routine. Yet,that was a success. The time he took to get ready came down drastically. Every one used to give a naughty smile and my Mr.clean brother too. He is happy that I suffer for that joy ride. Others for my effort to avoid going by congested bus and at the same time to avoid going late to college.
Thanks to Mr.Clean bro,as cleaning,organising or planning has never been too difficult for me. I am trained in those after all!

Thursday, January 28, 2010 fight to over come.

I have cynophobia, abnormal fear of dogs. I don't know when and how it started. But the fact is the moment I look at a dog even at a very long distance ,though leashed my adrenalin shoots up and the next thing in my mind would be either to avoid the route or shout. Everytime I cross a dog which is leashed, I get the thrill of doing bunjee. The worst part is I passed it on to my son as well.

Now I feel is the time for rectification. I want to get rid off this fear. Can owning a dog help? It might. But I hate them licking and jumping on people. Also taking care of them is an alternative to a second child I guess.So even owning dog is out of question.

So as an alternative I thought I would understand the language of dogs, rather the barking. Since I never knew that barking could mean them recogonising us or their happiness until recently. I read about the behaviour of dogs too. It suggested that avoiding eye contact and standing still at the same place would be the best idea to avoid being attacked by unknown dog. I am learning more and more everyday. I would be the happiest person in the world if I could successfully get rid off Cynophobia!

If you have cynophobia please do check the puppy picture in the left pane...Looking at the picture of dogs also reduces the fear..(courtesy some article abt overcoming c.phobia)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Am I missing Motherland?

"Grass is always greener on the other side". This holds good for my current situation.
Life is too short. Should I spend it in a foreign country longing for the love of near and dear ones in motherland ,missing the feeling of living in a own house?
Well the answer is, definitely not ,except that I consider this as an oppurtunity to appreciate creation of God!
My kid misses the love and affection of his grandparents and cousins. Little enjoyments like gully cricket, travelling in bus,auto and train are definitely missed by my son.
Having caring friends ,sooths the pain where electronic gadgets have become the alternative to friend,philosopher and guide.
Do we need so much challenges in life,that makes us move away from the place of origin? Opinions vary. For me being with husband and kid is more enchanting than anything else in this world.
I was once asked by a guruji, if I enjoy being in a foreign land. In a spiritual mood I could not think of the emotional attachment towards the mother land but was reminded of the chance that I got to wonder the creation of God. What could be a justified answer? I still wonder!!!
My emotionless mind's answer is that I am happy in this country. But my emotional mind says that this happiness is only a mirage.
Perhaps I would ask what could be the perfect answer to the same guruji , if I get a chance to meet again.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Amazing qualities of my father...

As this is my first blog I thought it would be appropriate to begin with this topic as my father is the person I have always thought the reason for whom I am today.He is the sculpter of my characters.

He is a person who is still admired by his ex-collegues and is a great human being who lives a diciplined and principled life. He never forgets or finds reasons to say that he could not do his regular morning prayers or exercise routine. A very active person who always looks at the positive side of anyone whom he meets. Egoless simple person who is always friendly and tries to do whatever help he can to others without any expectation.

His hard work and dedication led him cross all hurdles and is blessed to have retired as a prestigeous Indian Postal Services(IPS) officer, who always was the most sought after person by all his superiors and subordinates. His love for his brothers, sister and even cousins cannot be explained in words. Always calls me by his sister's name and vice versa.Such is his love for both of us.I have never heard him talking ill about others or even feel bad when a situation of such a sort arise.

I have not seen him have time for attending bhajans or discourses though is a devotee of Sai baba, but he practices what is being preached by Bhagawath Geetha and Baba . This reminds me of the day we had been to Putta parthi where he was one among those two or three who were personally blessed by Baba in a very big gathering of devotees.

His care for children cannot be explained in words. He is always there for me to share anything that I come across no matter good or bad. Always advises me to increase reading habbit and wants me to be a knowledgable person in life. I hardly remember him shouting at me. I was not restricted or questioned regarding money which I used to have, as his brought up was such that he knew for sure that I would not spend extravagantly. There used to be times during which I would retain the balance of amount from shopping and give that when need arises. It was like I was managing the household expenses at a very young age. He had trusted me ,gave me independance in what ever I felt like doing.He found me a perfect life partner and I am sure he is a happy man today for having got a good son-in-law.I doubt if I can be a good parent like how he is. I feel proud to be his daughter and want to adopt all his good qualities in life. I donot look at him as a daughter longing for being pampered but feel blessed to have got such a noble ,caring person as my father.