Friday, January 29, 2010

Every problem has a solution!

I am blessed(really!(lol))to have been born with three brothers, all with different characteristics! First one is timid,second one very bold and social and last but not the least is a cleanliness fanatic.
The third one is little closer and am reminded of the days he used to drop me in college. My college was very close to his office and would drop en route. But the hardest thing is making him get ready to office. He would take long time to make sure his shirt is free from slightest wrinkle. Next comes his office bag,would dust it everyday and would make sure there is not even a spot of dust. Polishing his shoes would be another patience tester for the rest of the family watching him. Next is his bike, the cleaning of it and the speed with which he used to do that made me shed tears. He would even clean the rim everyday! Everybody tried in vain to make him skip one of the routines so that he would start early. My complaints or criticisms resulted only in him saying that there is no need why he should be dropping me and that I could go by bus.

So next thing I thought of was, the solution to the problem!

I started doing the first round of cleaning, as however neat or perfect he would do his routine. Yet,that was a success. The time he took to get ready came down drastically. Every one used to give a naughty smile and my Mr.clean brother too. He is happy that I suffer for that joy ride. Others for my effort to avoid going by congested bus and at the same time to avoid going late to college.
Thanks to Mr.Clean bro,as cleaning,organising or planning has never been too difficult for me. I am trained in those after all!


Sowmiya said...

HAHHA..Cant think of another person to pull ur bro's legs...surprised for the change in him..hehehhe..(that was a pun intended)Whatever, u shldnt be blaming ur bro(MY DEAR HUBBY) for this...Idhai naan vanmayaaga kandikirraen:-)))(Suresh solpadi sowmiya...hahahha)

Poornima said...

I have praised him for grooming me,hope u didn't read it well..

I can give oscar to you have developed his confidence and trust in you that he has changed!Kudos..Sowmiya!!!

niveditha said...

hahahh......awsum! from now on letz coin suresh mama as mr.clean boy(wid all due permission from his belle n sissy) his nees afterall! if ur readin this...i want a reply!