Thursday, January 28, 2010 fight to over come.

I have cynophobia, abnormal fear of dogs. I don't know when and how it started. But the fact is the moment I look at a dog even at a very long distance ,though leashed my adrenalin shoots up and the next thing in my mind would be either to avoid the route or shout. Everytime I cross a dog which is leashed, I get the thrill of doing bunjee. The worst part is I passed it on to my son as well.

Now I feel is the time for rectification. I want to get rid off this fear. Can owning a dog help? It might. But I hate them licking and jumping on people. Also taking care of them is an alternative to a second child I guess.So even owning dog is out of question.

So as an alternative I thought I would understand the language of dogs, rather the barking. Since I never knew that barking could mean them recogonising us or their happiness until recently. I read about the behaviour of dogs too. It suggested that avoiding eye contact and standing still at the same place would be the best idea to avoid being attacked by unknown dog. I am learning more and more everyday. I would be the happiest person in the world if I could successfully get rid off Cynophobia!

If you have cynophobia please do check the puppy picture in the left pane...Looking at the picture of dogs also reduces the fear..(courtesy some article abt overcoming c.phobia)

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Hariharan said...

I was ROFL ... :) ... my wife is also similar ... infact she is scared of any animal ... Cows also ... :)

The experiences with my wife's animal fears are also vary hillarious ... :) Will tell you in detail ...

In the meanwhile .. best of luck on your fight against Cynophobia !! :)