Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Called it a day!

Last weekend kicked off on an interesting note as we headed for sports day being celebtrated in Aaditya's school Midrand montessori. We parents gathered in Sagewood as the ground there was big enough to accomodate all the cars,parents and grandparents. We wanted to be on time and started off accordingly from our house to end up in unexpected traffic jam near the school. We joined the events before it started. Thanks to the staff as they waited for all parents to come and gave us all breathing time to settle. soccer starz trainers welcomed us all on behalf of the school staff .

The eventful day started with warmup exercises for children by soccer starz trainer and the toddler directress Angela invited toddlers for flat race. The race was real fun to watch.Some children were crying and some of them were carried or accompanied by their moms. I couldnot stop looking at those wonderful buds with so much innocence on their face clinging onto their moms as they were scared to see such a big group with all eyes staring on them!

This was followed by race for 4 year old girls and boys which was taken over by Michele. These children had bean bag race as well.There was some visible difference between toddlers and this group. These children were not scared of the crowd. But they could hardly complete in an order. In this category the bean bag race was fun filled with some of them were least bothered about the bag they carried on their head,some were very careful and some of them walked instead of running to make sure they reached the finish line with the bean bag.Soccer starz trainers were busy judging the winner and were capturing them on their camera.

The next group of children to start the race were 5 year olds. Here comes my hero! supposed to be in 4 year old category . He joined the slightly bigger group with so much pride on his face for having been considered as 5 year old. This group was little organised and everyone managed to finish both the races.We were happy to see Aaditya enjoying the races.This again was conducted for girls and boys seperately.

Then came the six year old boys and girls with better urge to race for the first position.

After all the children events were over it was time for adults!The much awaited event by me!!! I must say almost all the moms were willing to participate in the race.Warm up exercises were given by one of those men in blue(soccer trainers!).It was conducted in 3 batches with Aaditya's teacher participating along with us as her son is also a student in the school. Who came first?..those guys kept asking among themselves unable to come to a conclusion...lol

Next was the dads race.Only two batches of dads race against 3 batches of moms.There was one accident here with a dad just skidding towards the finish line. Srinath didnot participate as he is still recovering from ACL (No friends....not the result of domestic violence!)lol...

This was followed by grandparents' race. It was a great race to watch as most of them were almost fit enough to run.

Then it was the turn of staff members to race.Every one except Michele participated as she is in her last trimester of pregnancy.With this all the races came to an end.

The day ended with award ceremony to felicitate all the participants. I was reminded of the chocolate medal by his earlier schools. Aditya wanted to make sure he ends up eating that and I was in a mood to safe gaurd the t.shirt before the chocolate melted only to find that it was a real medal and not a chocolate one.

Srinath took a snap of Aditya with his teacher and assistant in class. We bid good bye to his teacher and started off to home. Even in car Aadithya was not ready to believe that it was a real medal!I convinced him after much persuasion and reached home happily to call it a day!

Thanks to Sian and team. Special appreciations to them for having conducted the sports day during this time of the season. The weather was excellent and perfect for such an event.

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Hariharan said...

Finally your comment works !! :) ... This is a really nice post ... took me back to my school days and the sports days then ... I remember ... It used to be so much fun ...

Nice Photos .. Aditya and you looking great together !! :)