Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Partially overcame cynophobia

I felt this is a nice topic to kick start my blogging again. I sowed seed for overcoming cynophobia about a year back. There have been improvements on my fear for dogs. With the help of a good friend who has dogs by name Seidy and Darshan I took my first step towards overcoming that phobia of mine. The situation compelled me to go to their house and the fear I had when they barked was terrible. My legs were shivering and heart was pounding. I chanted the name of God and asked Him to take this fear out of me and decided to experience the cuties. I do not know the name of the breed but they are sweet babies. I asked my friend to hold the dog with mouth closed in their hand and let it to smell my hand. After that they never bothered to even come near me. But every time before I enter their house they welcome only with such formidable barks. After a month or two I had an opportunity to meet the brother and sister of these cuties. Once again the shivering and pounding was at the maximum. Called God for help and ventured into the house of my friend's sister where the siblings of Seidy and

Darshan lived. Here is the photograph of me with them! Yet the fear for the bigger sized dogs has not gone out of me. I hope to overcome that as well soon!

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ksquared said...

I am really proud of you Pourni , knowing your fear of dogs , still remember our walk in morningside village where you froze when a little dog came running .
Great I am sure you will overcome your phobia of bigger dogs too.

keep it up